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Corey Castellano
Makeup For Film and Television
IATSE Local 706 & IATSE Local 798

Coreys life long fascination with make-up and special make-up effects began in early childhood when his father, a classic horror movie fan, would tell him stories of Dracula, Frankenstein, the Wolfman, and most importantly Lon Chaney Man of a Thousand Faces. Things only got worse when a perfect combination of events took place. Coreys dad took him to see a revival showing of the Lon Chaney bio-pic, "Man of a Thousand Faces" and a few short months later attended a drive-in showing of Planet of the Apes. It was at that time Corey decided that THAT was what he wanted to do. He made his first mask by the age of ten (Based on Planet of the Apes) and by age twelve he was happily scaring and horrifying people at the hospital where his mother worked as a nurse. His passion for make-up continued to grow until he embraced a full fledged career in make-up which continues to this day.


The 5 Year Engagement Director: Nicholas Stoller, Universal Pictures
Special Makeup Effects Design and Application

Arbitrage Director: Nicholas Jarecki, Green Room Films
Prosthetic Design and Application

Contraband Director: Baltasar Kormakur, Universal Pictures
Key Makeup Artist

Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Director Rob Marshall, Disney
Makeup Artist

The Conspirator Director: Robert Redford, American Film Co.
Key Makeup

Fertile Ground Director: Adam Girasch, After Dark Films
Prosthetic Design and Application

Fear Clinic Director: Robert Hall, Comcast/Fear Channel
Makeup Department Head

Get Him To The Greek Director: Nicholas Stoller, Universal Pictures
Prosthetic Design and Application

The Crazies Director: Breck Eisner, Overture Films
Makeup Department Head

Zombieland Director: Ruben Fleischer, Columbia Pictures
Special Makeup Effects Artist, HOD: Tony Gardener

Reno: 911 Comedy Central
Key Makeup & Special Makeup Design (Season 6), HOD: Shauna Giesbrecht

10 Items or Less - TBS
Key Makeup Artist (Season 3), HOD: Christina Harrelson

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Warner Brothers Television
Key Prosthetic Makeup (Season 2) Designer: Robert Hall / Almost Human

GI Joe Director: Stephen Sommers, Paramount Pictures
Makeup Department Head Second Unit / Prosthetic Design and Application

Quarantine Director: John Dowdle, Screen Gems
Key Special Makeup Effects, Designer: Robert Hall

Tropic Thunder Director: Ben Stiller, Dreamworks Pictures
Makeup Department Head Second Unit, HOD: Gerry Quist

In The Electric Mist Director: Bertrand Tavernier, Ithica Pictures
Special Makeup Design and Application

Forgetting Sarah Marshall Director: Nicholas Stoller, Universal Pictures
Prosthetic Design and Application

Lions For Lambs Director: Robert Redford, United Artists
Makeup Department Head

The Bronx Is Burning Director: Jeremiah Chechik, ESPN Original Entertainment
Key Makeup Artist, HOD: Scott Eddo

The Prestige Director: Christopher Nolan, Touchstone Pictures
Prosthetic Design and Application

X-Men: The Last Stand Director: Brett Rattner, 20th Century Fox
Department Head/Designer Background Creature Effects

Miami Vice Director: Michael Mann, Universal Pictures
Special Makeup Design and Application: Tattoos, HOD: Alan Weisinger

Pirates of The Caribbean 2 & 3 Director: Gore Verbinski, Disney
Prosthetic Makeup Artist, HOD: Ve Neil

War of the Worlds Director: Steven Spielberg, Paramount Pictures
3rd Makeup Artist, HOD: Lois Burwell

The Longest Yard Director: Peter Segal, Paramount Pictures
Key Makeup Artist, HOD: Felicity Bowring

Into The Blue Director: John Stockwell, MGM/ Mandalay Pictures
Department Head Special Makeup Effects

After The Sunset Director: Brett Rattner, New Line Cinema
Makeup Artist, HOD: Julie Pearce

The Punisher Director: Jonathan Hensleigh, Artisan Entertainment
Makeup Department Head Second Unit

The Last Samurai Director: Edward Zwick, Warner Brothers
Makeup Artist, HOD: Lois Burwell

The Polar Express Director: Robert Zemeckis, Castle Rock
Makeup Artist, HOD: Debra LaMia Denaver

Seabiscuit Director: Gary Ross, Universal Pictures
Makeup Artist, HOD: Thomas Nellen

2 Fast and 2 Furious Director: John Singleton, Warner Brothers
Makeup Artist, HOD: Halle DAmore

Gods and Generals Director: Ronald Maxwell, TNT Films
Special Makeup Design and Application

Eight Legged Freaks Director: Ellory Elkayem, Warner Brothers
Key Special Makeup Effects, HOD: Bill Johnson

American Outlaws Director: Les Mayfield, Warner Brothers
Makeup Artist, HOD: Ron Berkely

The Patriot Director: Roland Emmerich, Columbia Pictures
Key Special Makeup Effects, HOD: Bill Johnson

Walking Across Egypt Director: Arthur Allan Seidelman, HBO Films
Makeup Artist, HOD: Rodger Jacobs

Selma, Lord, Selma Director: Charles Burnett, Walt Disney Pictures
Key Makeup Artist, HOD: Carol Rasheed

House Fox Television
Prosthetic Makeup Artist, HOD: Vivian Baker

The Inside Fox Television
Prosthetic Makeup, Designer: Robert Hall

Dean Koontzs Frankenstein USA Network
Key Makeup Artist

Strong Medicine Lifetime Network
Department Head - Special Makeup FX (6 Episodes / Season 6)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Fox Television,
Prosthetic Makeup (Season 7 - Multiple Episodes)

The Jimmy Kimmel Show - ABC Television
Makeup (Season 1 / Multiple Episodes)

CSI: Miami - CBS / Bruckheimer Films
SPFX Makeup & Additional Makeup (Season 1 / Multiple Episodes)

Murder In Small Town X - Fox Television
Makeup Department Head

In Search Of - Studios USA / Sci-Fi
Makeup Department Head

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