Tracking the Trends Part 1 posted: 26/4/2006 at 8:37:46 AM
Ive been traveling extensively across the US and abroad spreading the magic of make-up to the masses.
Along the way Ive discovered the Terrific Trends and Total Train Wrecks that are forming the hottest looks of 2006.

The most prominent trend Ive notticed is the move away from safe makeup colors. All those Armani-esque and Calvin Klein-ish neutrals are being given a well-deserved vacation in the back of the make-up drawer. Daring colors are showing up everywhere as we move forward in 2006.
Ive seen lots of purple (yes, I said purple) showing up in magazines, on runways and even on the Red Carpet. There are luscious lavender eye shadows, gossamer sheer grape glosses and elegant eggplant eyeliners. Ive also noticed some noteworthy appearances by the color orange. Mouthwatering gold-flecked tangerines and temptingly sun-drenched corals are warming up winter weary faces everywhere. I know youll all think Ive gone insane (what do you mean you thought that a long time ago?), but using both cool and warm tones on the same face creates a beautifully different makeup look. Being polar opposites on the color wheel makes them very complimentary. Now do you understand why all the magnificent shades from indigo to burnished gold in a sunset look so harmonious? Im not saying you should go overboard and throw a paint box of colors on your face. A good start would be injecting one unexpected color into your regular make-up routine. That otherwise humdrum face will suddenly have a fresh and vibrant outlook.

The only real make-up tragedy Ive witnessed is the abuse and overuse of black liquid eyeliner. Not an easy look to carry off, especially if you wear it on both the upper and lower lids. Save this hard-lined drama for VERY special occasions and be sure it makes you look trendy...not trashy.


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