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The makeup class will cover the makeup techniques used to produce the images of our daily lives. Whether its for billboards, magazines, or advertisements, learn makeup skills that will help you define the new look for an image conscience society.

Runway makeup refers to the haute couture "high fashion" and sometimes over the top makeup designs presented at fashion shows all over the world. This is the world where clothing designs take 1st stage, and makeup must compliment the fashions presented. This makeup class is the most creative area of beauty makeup where fantasy and reality come together.

Your makeup training includes techniques to produce appropriate makeup for headshots. Your makeup training includes techniques to add the fantasy look seen in fashion ads. Learn about professional cosmetics and materials to construct a useable and reliable makeup kit that will work for you! This makeup class will teach you new techniques that will help you get ahead and stand out in the field. Learn the right makeup for black & white, and color. Learn how to work with lighting to help produce clean and effective beauty shots. Last Looks Makeup Academy provides all makeup products, tools and supplies for your use in class.

Those of you who want to move into the fast paced, challenging world beyond still photography or "in studio" work, and for those of you who love the fantasy aspect of makeup, this makeup class is for you! This is truly a world that is open to fresh ideas. Those interested in the ever changing, exciting world of Photography and Runway makeup should consider taking this makeup class. Those who want to learn how to create looks that are bold, sublime, and beautiful will truly benefit from this makeup training. This makeup class has been designed to accommodate all skill levels. No prior experience is required.

Subject to review, successful achievement of makeup course content, and teacher recommendation, qualified students will receive a Certificate of Completion from our makeup school. The Certificate represents that you have completed a course of professional makeup training. The Certificate also acknowledges that you studied under a Makeup Instructor who is a professional makeup artist currently working in the Entertainment Industry!

Everyone who enrolls in this class will receive a free, 23-piece, professional brush set and a brush roll. The set is valued at over $375.00.
The brushes are all perfectly weighted, wood handle brushes with aluminum ferrules. They are yours to keep, take home and enjoy. And they're free, just for enrolling.


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