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Last Looks Makeup Academy is a makeup school with award-winning, professional Makeup Instructors, state-of-the-art makeup techniques, and short term, hands-on makeup classes.  We will prepare you for a career as a professional makeup artist.  We offer the finest makeup classes all across the United States.

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Our Celebrity Makeup Instructors are currently working at the highest levels of the Entertainment Industry...
Sandra Koepper ...and our newest instructors

Corey Castellano -
Makeup's Highest Level

Lizbeth Williamson -
Makeup Department Head

Edward French -
Academy Award Nominee

Joey Oso
Avant-Garde Hairstylist

Craig Lindberg
2012 & 2013 Emmy Nominee

Marianne Skiba
Kevin-James Bennett
Brian Kinney
Mary Kay Witt
Mitch Ely
Stephanie Glover McGee
Selena Miller
Jill McKay


makeup school, makeup classes, make-up school, makeup lessons, makeup training, makeup academyCLASS SCHEDULE We're probably teaching a makeup class in your city. You can search by class or city. Click here to read our makeup forum. Check out our press releases. New Multi-Class Discounts

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makeup school, makeup classes, make-up school, makeup lessons, makeup training, makeup academy

Classes coming up next...

New York Makeup Classes
New York Beauty Week: Jan. 12-16, 2018

Please call for updated class info: (866) 886-2538 - (866) TV MAKEUP


Our CEO, would like to tell you more about our makeup school. You can click here to contact us.

makeup school, makeup classes, make-up school, makeup lessons, makeup training, makeup academyThe duo staffs classes
...with Emmy or Oscar award-winning makeup artists, a practice that sets Last Looks apart from traditional schools. S.F.V. Business Journal
(Sept. 16-29, 2002)

Last Looks Makeup Academy 

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